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Tokyo WALLS vol.04 special edition

Following the release of vol.04, Tokyo WALLS and Ryuichi Ohira collaborated on a series of 60 wooden boxes.

On 23-JUL-2022, Ryuichi Ohira initiated an outstanding and unexpected art performance at the opening reception of his exhibition “Syndrome” at Nanzuka gallery, in Tokyo. The artist brushed black panels and artworks installed on the walls with his customized chainsaw, displaying the ephemeral power of the tool and the permanent scars it can leave.

After the closing of the exhibition, the black panels were recycled to prepare 60 unique wooden boxes, memorabilia of a remarkable milestone for the 2022 Tokyo art scene.

Each wooden box (made of Japanese paulownia, 186*260*15mm) is customized with a piece of black panels, hand-cut, and signed by the artist. All designs are unique and original from the art performance. The set includes one copy of Tokyo WALLS vol.04, with the cover signed by the artist.