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Tokyo WALLS vol.05

Get ready for an exciting new release! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Tokyo WALLS vol.05 – a stunning edition that explores the vibrant art scene of Tokyo. Immerse yourself in the raw, unbridled energy of the city, and witness the emotions ignited in the streets and galleries.
This edition boasts 2 covers (book and dust jacket) designed by LY. In just a few short years, her exceptional talent has transcended the borders of the Japanese capital and gained international recognition, making this latest volume of Tokyo WALLS an absolute must-have. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add this collector’s item to your collection and experience the magic of LY’s art for yourself.

Artists (by alphabetical order): AC-bu, Bass, Essu, Fuki Committee, Hirosuke Yabe, Invader, Kabekui, Kups, Lunarr Vision, LY, NagNagNag, Nicky Nailed It, SOS, Steven Van Lummel, TENGAone, Zera.

Release date: 25-MAR-2023
Edition: hand-numbered out of 300 (60 reserved for the artists and galleries, 60 for the production of a special edition made in collaboration with LY)   
Pages: 96
Format: 17.6 x 25cm, paperback
Extras: dust jacket designed and signed by LY. One Tokyo WALLS sticker is included in each book.