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Our policies

The below policies aim at keeping a healthy environment for all. They are subject to regular updates in order to adapt to copyright and sales practices.

Copyright authorization
Books, artworks, and generally all products proposed on this website have received publication authorization from artists and venues.
We genuinely try our best to be exhaustive in the book credits and list down all artists that are being shown. For some rare cases where creators could not be identified, names can be missing. If you see your own design missing credits, please contact us.

Price determination
Tokyo WALLS collaborates with artists with the objective to promote their talent. Countless hours are spent to finalize any book and ensure that the end quality meets our expectations. Artists generally offer their time and do not get any financial reward for book sales. Thanks to them, our books can be proposed at the lowest prices, covering only the expenses related to printing and logistics.
Limited special editions are proposed at additional costs to support a more creative approach. Prices are again set bearing in mind that they must remain accessible to most art collectors, in particular the ones who cannot afford original artworks from the artists.
In conclusion, by purchasing Tokyo WALLS books, you do not financially support us, but more importantly, encourage us to continue promoting the art scene of Tokyo.

Low prices create reselling opportunities. We do not support such practices. Tokyo WALLS reserves the right to cancel orders if there are any suspicious activities.
Sales conditions are generally provided on the page of the products. They cannot always be enforced directly on the website and block the purchase. All orders are manually controlled and any breach is subject to cancellation, with transaction fees (linked to the payment gateway) not reimbursed.