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Activity Report, an exhibition by Fuki Committee

After almost a year of preparation, Tokyo WALLS is proud to announce the first art exhibition of Fuki Committee.

Night Out Gallery will host Fuki Committee’s first exhibition “Activity Report” from 16-DEC through 25-DEC-2022. Ten original artworks created for this occasion will be displayed to introduce the committee’s unique vision. This show closes the first chapter of an artistic journey that started years ago in the streets of Tokyo.

Uyu is the charismatic committee member calling for attention through her distinctive stickers: ダメよ。ゼッタイ。 (“lt is forbidden. Definitely.”). No question asked, yet her answer is ready.
The appealing visual should not distract from Uyu’s invitation to question our society. We are surrounded by formal directives (from governing entities and corporates) that give us a false sense of general morality and approval. However, as opinion evolves rapidly but laws do not, what rules should we obey?

An opening reception will take place on Fri. 16-DEC, from 6pm. We are looking forward to welcoming you all.