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Tokyo WALLS vol.06 special edition

Tokyo WALLS is pleased to announce the very limited edition of vol.06 titled “Chase”, by with Yabiku Henrique Yudi.The artist hand-produced a series of 25 artworks applying his multimedia techniques. […]


In December 2023, Night Out Gallery will host a unique and first-of-its-kind exhibition about the Stickers subculture, gathering artists from Japan and abroad.

Tokyo WALLS vol.06

This new edition of Tokyo WALLS uncovers new talents of our favorite Japanese city. In addition to a refreshing selection of street art moments, vol.06 presents five captivating artists along […]

Tokyo WALLS vol.05 special edition

Tokyo WALLS vol.05 special edition consists of an exceptionally heavy box set, marking the popularity of LY (@ly_painter) for her murals and artworks.In complete osmose with the Tokyo WALLS concept to bridge […]

Tokyo WALLS vol.05

Get ready for an exciting new release! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Tokyo WALLS vol.05 – a stunning edition that explores the vibrant art scene of Tokyo. Immerse […]

Tokyo WALLS vol.04

Tokyo WALLS vol.04 puts an accent on the dynamism of the city. The edition’s covers (book and dust jacket) have been designed by Ryuichi Ohira. Artists (by alphabetical order): André […]

Tokyo WALLS vol.03

Tokyo WALLS vol.03  features a new selection of artists that striked the city with their talent in 2021. The edition’s two covers (book and dust jacket) have been designed by […]